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Unlocking Your Numerical Blueprints | Ana Dorotea | Numerology Webinar

Ana Dorotea joins The Mystic Circle for this amazing webinar on numerology! The numbers dont lie! The numbers always add up! Learn how to read your personal numbers to see what Spirit has in store for you!

1. How To Calculate Your Blueprint!
2. Learning The Meaning Of Your Numbers!
3. Alignment Meditation!

Hi there! I am Ana Dorotea. I was born in Mexico City. Since I was little, I was passionate about energy, God, the Universe and the mysteries that inhabit it. I found in numbers a spiritual tool to direct my path through the highest vibration. As you may know, we are energy and consciousness. When we vibrate low, we encounter dense frequencies (fear, guilt, frustration, anger, sadness, etc.). When we vibrate high, we encounter high frequencies (love, harmony, joy, abundance, forgiveness, etc.). The good news is that we have free will and we can choose our vibration! My mission is to share all the knowledge learned about the power of numbers. I want to share the great love and respect that I have for them and the messages they transmit. I know you will find a GREAT tool in Numerology!

Numbers are the language in which the Universe expresses itself. – PYTHAGORAS


Jul 22 2021


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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