Children of the Breath | Sunday Morning Breath Work with TruthSeekah

Get ready to go deep into the trance state and receive what Spirit has for you. Discover the deep realms within and encounter who you really are! A luminous, limitless being! There are levels when it comes to entering in and in this Sunday session we will be going into the Sanctum Sanctorum (Holy of Holies).

If you would like to work with TruthSeekah in a small online group setting and are looking for like minded community then this is the perfect class for you. Whether you are well seasoned in meditation and spiritual practice or even if this is your first time you will be able to jump in at any point and enjoy the benefits of this class.

During this session you will feel lighter and refreshed. As we focus our intention together you will begin to feel aligned with the spiritual energy that is already within you removing any blockages so that the pranayama can flow freely though the body.

Some of the techniques that will be used include

• Holotropic Breathing / Breathwork • Guided Meditations • Prayer •

This session is every Sunday morning

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Children of the Breath | 1 | Green Light Initiation Breath Work


Sep 26 2021


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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